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Mole and Gopher Traps of the Past

We have collected quite a few old or antique gopher and mole traps over the years, partially because having working examples of prior trap designs in our hands helps with conceptualizing trap design, and partially because we just like to collect cool old traps as a hobby.  This page is not intended to serve as a comprehensive history of mole and gopher traps, but simply to provide some pictures of a few traps that we enjoy having in our collection.  For historical information on these traps, we are heavily indebted to Rex Marsh's "Pocket Gopher Traps: A Collector's Manual" and "Mole Traps:A Collector's Manual"


This first video gives an introduction to the trap and shows a basic setup on an active mole run, plus some results.  
Step 1. Use long scre-wdriver or other suitable metal rod to probe the earth around the....
Meadow voles, also known as field mice, are common pests in lawns and gardens and can be...
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California Gopher Trap
Ideal Gopher Trap
The California Gopher Trap pictured above was marketed as early at the 1870's, and is one of the earliest commercially produced traps to appear on the market.  
The Excelsior Gopher Trap, patented in 1886 by Richard Matthai of San Francisco, California. These early traps were manufactured for an unknown period of time and were soon replaced by more effective traps of different design.