Mole Damage on the dikes in Holland : Mole and Gopher traps blog
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Mole Damage on the dikes in Holland

by Steve Albano on 02/13/11

These pictures were sent in by professional trapper Ger Visser from Holland.  Of course holes in dikes are not a good thing, and moles apparently make a lot of them on the dikes in Holland.  

Comments (2)

1. Ram said on 7/19/17 - 10:25AM
It's amazing how much damage those little things can do! I get people that HATe those things with a passion when they ruin their pretty gardens they worked so hard on to set up. Oh, they also hate it when they pull out mini mountains of dirt on their nice green lawn and ruin several sections at a time.I'm looking to expand my <a href="">lawn care services</a> into gopher removal too. It really is a much-needed service.
2. Dave Boles said on 4/5/19 - 09:54PM
Hello. I have been using Trapline gopher traps for 5 years now.I have used many other traps before buying these.I cannot stress enough just how great these traps are. I usually set a trap and have a gopher in less than a hour and usually didn't catch first time was because I failed to see the secondary hole. These traps are hands down the best trap I have ever used. Even my wife is amazed how fast I catch them. Thanks so much for a awesome trap.

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