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Trapping Mole Rats with Trapline Mole and Gopher Traps
The mammal families Bathyergidae and Spalcidae contain approximately 50 species of burrowing rodents distributed throughout Africa and Eurasia. Mole rats are similar to our North American gophers in general appearance and habits, though they are not closely related biologically to gophers.  They are highly adapted to a subterranean lifestyle, and as plant eaters, some species are economically important pests of agricultural crops, and many species can cause significant damage to turf grass and home gardens.  We have sent traps to South Africa, Namibia, and Israel for use on mole rats in situations where they were causing property damage.  And we have supplied traps to academic researchers in Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Russia, and China for use in collecting biological specimens.  And of course we usually are willing to send out a few free samples as long as we get some pictures in return!
This first video gives an introduction to the trap and shows a basic setup on an active mole run, plus some results.  
Step 1. Use long scre-wdriver or other suitable metal rod to probe the earth around the....
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